Mandala Kette olivgrün, mit Dendritenachat

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Statement Halskette Mandala, mit kleinem Dendritenachat in der Mitte. Erinnert an eine Pflanze 🥰Mit verschiebbarem Verschlussknoten, Holz- und Messingperlen.

This enchanting necklace features a meticulously crafted mandala pendant, adorned with a dendritic agate at its center. The mandala, a symbol of unity and harmony, beautifully intertwines with the deep green threads, creating an intricate design that captures the essence of balance and wholeness. 

At the heart of this piece lies the dendritic agate, a stone known for its tranquil energy and grounding properties. Often referred to as the stone of plenitude, dendritic agate fosters a sense of inner stability and encourages spiritual growth, aligning perfectly with the mandala's representation of the universe's infinite cycle.

Together, the mandala and dendritic agate merge the physical and spiritual realms, inviting wearers to embrace harmony and balance in their lives.