Makramee Armband "Coconut Water" mit Apatit Perle, Messingperlen und Kokosscheiben

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This little bracelet embodies the essence of a tropical getaway with its vibrant, ocean-inspired colors. 💙 The striking blue of the Apatite bead mirrors the crystal-clear waters of an exotic beach ⛱️, invoking a sense of calm and adventure. The coconut discs 🥥add a touch of natural elegance, reminiscent of serene, sun-drenched islands, while the brass beads bring a warm, sunlit shimmer that evokes the golden glow of a sunset over the sea. 🌅

Apatite, known for its inspiring and motivational properties, enhances creativity and personal power, making it a perfect companion for those seeking new adventures and experiences. Wearing this bracelet not only complements your vacation attire but also energizes you with a sense of freedom and exploration, perfectly aligning with the spirit of travel and the wonders of the sea. 🥰

Handgeknüpftes Armband aus hochwertigem Wachsgarn, mit Messingperlen, großer Apatit Perle und Kokosnuss Scheiben

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